Worth a Detour is an independent professional website showcasing the very best of Australian food and drink.


At Worth a Detour we aim to bring you the very best in food and beverage in Australia. From paddock to plate, we will showcase food producers, food suppliers, food manufacturers, places to eat and places to drink.


Worth a Detour is a professional site. All of our reviewers, called “companions”*, are professionally trained food experts. Like Michelin, Gault&Millau and others, we are as objective as possible. Read my article on critics…/the-critic/


However, unlike Michelin, Gault&Millau and others, we do not “review” or “score” the venues. Reviews can be very subjective, and everyone’s desires and experiences are different. We simply showcase products and experiences made by passionate Australian craftspeople. If they feature on Worth a Detour, they are worth visiting – they are Worth a Detour.


Worth a Detour is not an exhaustive list of places to eat. Establishments reviewed on the web site will be amongst the best of their kind. The ones that stand out for some reason. They may not all be “five star” establishments. They may be formal or casual. They may serve chateaubriand, shepherd’s pie or burgers. 


But they will of course, all produce or serve great, delicious, well-crafted food. They must also be accessible, convivial, hospitable and passionate. They will be somewhere you want to linger. They will have a unique experience and something magical! They may be local. They may be out of the way. But they will all be Worth a Detour.


They will be measured by a positive answer to the following…


Would I go back?

Am I excited enough to return?


Would I recommend it to a friend?

Am I confident that others will agree and how does it affect my image?


Does it have something different and is it worth visiting?

Does it have that “WOW” factor? 



Worth a Detour is a project of passion put together by a very small team of companions* on a shoestring budget. So, it will take time to build. Please bare with us and come back regularly.


* Companion – from the latin “com” and “panis” – with bread. Someone with whom you share bread. Someone with whom you travel, dine and spend time with.