This is my best, moist, most flavoursome ham - for feasts and anytime.

Ham is a traditional feasting food as well as being popular on toasties and sandwiches. It is a modern version of the traditional wild boar, part of the Scandinavian Yule celebrations, where a pig was sacrificed to Freyr the god of the Sun. It was also common at special feasts in Roman times.

Ham is available in many forms such as fresh ham, smoked leg ham, prosciutto, bacon, jamon, bayonne, gammon and even canned Spam.

Ham is generally the hind leg of a hog or pig, that has been preserved by wet or dry curing, with or without smoking, cooked or air-dried, bone-in or bone-out. It can also be made from the shoulder, the loin and the neck.

This recipe uses a Gammon. Gammon is pork that has been cured by dry salting or brining. Unlike most supermarket hams, it is not cooked and it is raw. It may or maybe not smoked – but must be treated like fresh pork and does require cooking.

The word “gammon” is derived from the Middle English word for ‘ham’, gambon, itself derived from Old French jambon, which is identical to the modern French and Spanish word for ‘ham’. In fact “jambon” is often raw, simply cured and dried.

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