Restaurant experiences, and reviews, can be very subjective and prone to personal preference. Everyone’s desires and experiences are different. Moreover, today a meal at a café can be just as satisfying as a meal in a fine dining restaurant. Our experiences are based on our perceptions. Perception is reality – and reality is an illusion.**

We treat all food experiences the same. If a simple sandwich is exceptional, it may be worth a detour. But it is not equitable to give both a café and a fine diner similar scores. For this reason, we do not give the venues a score. We use a simple three tier scale to separate the extraordinary from the very best. If they feature on Worth a Detour  they are worth visiting. Whether they are simple or complex; cheap or expensive; small or substantial; we believe that they are all, Worth a Detour.

Whilst they are all worth visiting, obviously some may be worth a longer detour than others. So, we have a simple three tier scoring system…

Note: ** quote attributed to Albert Einstein.