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The COVID pandemic has changed the way we cook and shop. Certainly, during lockdown we were restricted, but even when allowed out, we shop less frequently, and we have learned new techniques and new recipes. Sometime ago, the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food team shared their lockdown discoveries, learnings and loves. (Sydney Morning Herald, Good Food Supplement, 17 August 2021, page 6).


Amongst these Jill Dupleix shared her favourite newest kitchen tool – an office tape dispenser. This is a simple gadget used by chefs worldwide. Available at Officeworks it is a large office tape dispenser with a 75mm tape core. Add to this a roll of 18mm masking tape and a permanent marker and for less than $15 you have a very useful labelling system.


The masking tape sticks to plastic lids, freezer bags, clingwrap, aluminium foil and glass – both in the fridge and the freezer. So, now you can buy extra on those rare supermarket trips and cook in batches with no more UFO’s (unidentified frozen objects). The tape seals well when applied to a dry surface, and the marker writes on it clearly – and does not rub off. And when it comes to recycling the plastic tubs, the tape peels off easily.


Put it on the corner of the kitchen bench – you’ll use it everyday – much more useful than some of those expensive electrical appliances in the back-cupboard. Magic! Thank you, Jill.

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